Print Wallpaper


Print Wallpaper

Bring an entire empty wall to life a with custom printed wall mural. Our wallpaper printing service allows you to choose your own photos, images or designs for a vibrant wall covering ideal for offices, hotels, events, retail interiors and many more applications. At VAN AS, we can also help you with the design. Choose from a range of different custom wallpaper materials, all produced in-house for high quality results.

Wallpaper print for interior

Many hotels and companies choose this permanent and durable wallpaper because it makes an excellent impression on visitors. The print wallpaper lasts more than five years. With regards to the installation, a mechanic will bring the print wallpaper to your location. Due to the fact that a 5-meter high-quality wallpaper can be printed, the print wallpaper usually comes in one piece. This is ideal for long walls. But even if the wallpaper is printed in multiple pieces, it will fit seamlessly thanks to the right installation.

Popular applications for Wallpaper

  • walkways in hotels
  • entree for visitors
  • Photo paper for offices and buildings
  • Background in studio

Wallpaper print can be glued to the wall like a single piece of paper and be printed in one piece. This gives you a great looking result without seams.

 Benefits Wallpaper Print

  • Print photo’s and designs
  • Wallpaper in one piece
  • Including installation
  • Lasts for 5 years

 Curious about the possibilities? We are happy to tell you more. Or, ask for a sample package of Print wallpaper.