Calendars have shown their value as promotion item. Many of our customers have indicated that their customers ask for a calendar. Even more reason to go for it as a gift. It does not only show your customer that you appreciate the work you do with them, but you’ll also be top of mind the rest of the year. VAN AS provides desk calendars and wall calendars in several sizes.

The calendars at VAN AS are available in different versions. The calendar blocks have a bright and clear standard layout. Each calendarial is provided with week numbers and marked public holidays. It is available in several languages. The week count starts on Monday (except for the U.S. Version). The calendar is provided with a convenient date indicator and different background colors. You have the possibility to have you calendar in your own complete corporate identity.

options calendars
  • three-month calendar
  • four-month calendar
  • six-month calendar
  • monthly calendar
  • desk calendar
  • own look and feel
  • own calendarial
  • own date indicator
  • in envelop by piece

VAN AS has an extensive range of calendars released under the brand name Quartas. Visit our Quartas website to see the full range of calendars and find out more