Floor stickers


Floor stickers

Floor stickers are indispensable Point of sale-material for retail operations and for the exhibition floor. The floor stickers are striking, effective and can be printed in all possible designs. Floor stickers for non-permanent use are durable, easy to clean and they are anti-scratch. Floor stickers often must match requirements for safety as well as for applying and removing. VAN AS therefore offers three types of floor stickers, so your requirements can be met. The floor sticker without adhesive, the floor sticker with a non-permanent adhesive layer and/ or removable print carpet.

Easy Cling floor sticker without Adhesive

The Easy Cling floor sticker without adhesive clings on smooth surfaces. It is a PVC-free floor sticker that “clings” because of its tiny suction cups. These solid floor stickers are ideal for sales operations in retail and for events. Visitors walk right over them and afterwards the floor sticker can be removed without leaving any damage.

Floor sticker non-permanent adhesive

Non-permanent floor stickers attach to the floor with a removable adhesive. They are easy to place on the floor, steps, stairwell, wall, or ceiling of your event, and they are just as easy to remove once your event is over. The non-permanent floor sticker easily adheres to almost any surface you choose to put it on, and once it is placed on the surface, it will remain in place no matter how much foot or vehicular traffic travels across it. Despite its sturdiness when set in place for your event, non-permanent floor stickers can be easily removed without any leftover sticky residue or tearing of the floor sticker.

Removable Print Carpet

‘Removable Print Carpet’ is a material that can be printed in any conceivable design. It is a long-term solution for a promotional action or decoration on the floor. The material is printed from the roll. It is used as decoration at exhibitions, but it is also applied in hotels, offices, shops and public spaces.

Floor stickers for shops, steps, events

The removable and non-permanent floor stickers are sturdy, easy to keep clean and slip resistant (PVC free). The floor stickers are also available in eco-vinyl, white or transparent. They’re available in small or large quantities and in small or large sizes. VAN AS has the following floor stickers available:

  • Easy Cling floor sticker
  • Removable adhesive floorsticker
  • Removable carpet, from doormat till office- and/or exhibition floor

The floor stickers and removable carpet are available in every imaginable shape. This way you’ll always use the right floor sticker for every application. Have you also thought about a combination with window stickers?

Benefits Floor sticker

  • Print in all possible designs
  • Cut into shapes
  • Anti-slip and anti-scratch coating
  • PVC-free
  • No residue
  • Both offset and digital
  • Large and small format
  • High and low quantities

Curious about the possibilities? Contact us to learn more. Or ask for samples of floor stickers and removable print carpet.