Wall calendars


In view thanks to the Wall Calendar

Calendars have proven themselves as an effective promotional gift. This is shown by the fact that many clients of our customers ask for a calendar. A promotional gift is not only intended for letting your relations know that you appreciate the work you do with them, but also to remain top of mind.

Always affordable

VAN AS will help you achieve this goal. We at VAN AS produce desk and wall calendars that will ensure that you will be top of mind of your customers throughout the entirety of the year. A wall calendar does not have to be an expensive gift. This is demonstrated by the extensive range of products we could offer at VAN AS. Examples of this could be found in the practical Q100 series, the economically friendly Q200 or go with a more detailed calendar with more printing space to expose your brand. Our wall calendars have friendly dimensions for shipping, so it can be send by standard mail.

Quartas is our website dedicated to our full range of wall calendar products.