Magnetic stickers


Magnetic stickers

Magnetic stickers are often applied on refrigerators, freezers, shelves or other base metals. Due to their durability, it is a popular point-of-sale product. The magnetic label is easy to position, easy to remove and leaves no residue. The magnetic sticker is reusable, which is convenient for repeating sales campaigns. VAN AS prints on magnetic foil, but also uses a new technique: metal paper, an iron-containing paper. The magnetic foil and the metal paper are both of high quality and easy to reposition.

Sticker magnetic film

The magnetic sticker is a printable magnetic film. A variety of thicknesses is possible: from 0.2 millimeters up to 0.9 millimeters. The width of the magnetic sticker ranges from 60 to 120 centimeters. Magnetic Stickers are easy to apply on metal surfaces and quickly to remove without leaving any residue. Magnetic Stickers are applied for example on metal store furniture, on metal walls or cars.

Alternative to magnetic foil sticker: Metal Paper

Instead of printing on a magnetic film, it is also possible to print on a metal film that adheres to a magnetic surface. This would mean that either on or in your display magnetic plate appears. VAN AS will print the changing promotions on the Iron-containing paper (Metal Paper) so the display can remain. Because of the iron in the material it adheres to the magnetic display. The advantage, in particular for transportation and disposal, is that the Metal Paper is much lighter in weight than the magnet sticker. It is an economical solution for promotion on walls that change every few weeks.

Magnetic stickers for promotion or branding

VAN AS prints Magnetic Stickers in large and small quantities that can be cut in various shapes.

Benefits magnetic sticker

  • Print in all possible designs
  • Cutting in multiple shapes
  • Removable
  • Available in both offset and digital
  • Large and small sizes
  • High and low quantity

Curious about the possibilities? Contact us to learn more. Or ask for a sample package of magnetic stickers or metal paper stickers.