The best way to create awareness for your brand, product and/or campaign is with a sticker. A window sticker in your window, a floor sticker on your shop floor or a static sticker with your product clearly visible, attracts the attention of your target audience. At VAN AS we can offer you many types of promotional stickers (from permanent to removable) for various promotional applications printed in offset or digital.

A very popular sticker solution is our own product, Static Paper. This electrostatically charged paper will stick/cling to any surface (even those that are not smooth) on the basis of its static charge. It is easy to apply and easy to remove without leaving damage to the surface. The static charge stays intact up to 6 months. Static paper is the perfect window, display or action related (i.e. guerilla marketing) sticker.

Additional to Static paper VAN AS offers an innovative double sided window sticker. The double sided window stickers are non-permanent, environmentally friendly (pvc free) and produced in offset. In other words a durable promotional solutions with an impeccable quality which creates two times the attention value.