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Static Paper

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Static Paper

Static Paper is technically not a sticker. No glue is used to attach it to a surface. However, it can be used as a sticker. Static Paper adheres to each (slightly) smooth surface due to static charge. It is therefore perfectly suited as a window sticker or wall sticker. In the marketing, Static Paper is used for the “cover” of windows, doors, walls, mirrors, ceilings, car windows and fitting rooms. Static Paper retains its adhesion for about six months. And is easy to move in between. Ideal point of sale material, therefore for actions in supermarkets, catering and clothing stores.

Static Paper as an electro charged sticker

Static Paper is made from propylene. A kind of vinyl sticker, but without glue and PVC-free. An electrostatic charge is added for adhesion. Static Paper offers many more benefits than ordinary stickers with a glue layer: employees save time and money through the easy way of placing. Move or delete yourself as well. And there are no glue residues left behind. Marketing with Static Paper is therefore beneficial, innovative and professional.

Sizes and quantities Static Paper promotion material

Static Paper marketing material is available in large, but also in small sizes. The smallest size for Static Paper expression is five by five centimeters. Then the adhesive is still sufficient. Printing on Static Paper is also possible in larger format, up to 105 centimeters wide and as long as you want. Because each assignment is customized, the VAN AS print experts will review the best option for your Static Paper order.

Static Paper products

Static Paper ‘sticks’ on all smooth surfaces. That makes it suitable for different actions and promotions:

  • window sticker
  • wall sticker
  • advertising or banner on tv’s, mirrors, cars and machines
  • wall decoration for exhibition stand
  • stickers on light boxes and translites
  • guerilla marketing

Benefits Static Paper

  • Easy to apply yourself
  • Easy to remove and move
  • No glue residue
  • Both offset and digital
  • ‘Sticks’ up to six months
  • Large and small sizes
  • High and low runs

Curious about the possibilities? We would like to tell you more. Or, ask for a sample of Static Paper.