Medium runs are cheaper thanks to new printing press VAN AS

The current printing world is often arranged at very low or very high runs like thousand and more. But the marketer now requires medium sized 300, 400 and 500 copies. For VAN AS reason to purchase a new printing press. It produces economical and fast medium-sized layers – also in plastic.

Because customers want to switch rapidly in marketing and communication, medium-sized stocks of several hundred pieces are becoming more and more common,” says Wouter van As, Commercial Director. “But the cost of medium-sized magazines is often not comparable with the usual printing presses. With the purchase of our new printing press, customers can now be right for cheap, medium-sized purchases. Up to sizes of 50 by 70 centimeters. ‘

A quick explanation: The traditional printing press is often used for high-resolution of thousands and more. For lower numbers, this printing press has too high startup costs. The digital press has hardly any startup costs, but printing costs rapidly, making it only digital for storage up to a few dozen pieces.

Wouter: “Who places a medium-sized order now is relatively expensive with both options. The latest printing press in VAN AS now combines the best of both worlds: it has low startup costs and low spin costs. ”

Making a few hundred pieces will therefore be a lot more beneficial for VAN AS’s customers. Nice accessory: ‘The application of a gloss coating to the printing is integrated into the machine. Rather, that was a separate action.

For those who are curious about the technique: the new printing press of the Heidelberg brand is a so-called Anicolor 5 color printing press. It features an inline paint function and is suitable for UV inks. As a result, VAN AS can provide UV-lacquer five-color printing and printing in UV inserts. “Ideal for the point of sale market,” said Wouter.