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‘Calendar is very popular with our customers’

“It’s a celebration to give them as a gift, our customers use it every day,” says Ana de Freitas Fino, management assistant of the Vice President Marketing Communications at KLM Cargo. For more than 15 years, Quartas has been celebrating its quarterly calendar as a promotional gift for their international customers. “

Other business gifts have been thought of, but the calendar was always the best choose. “Customers are really attached,” says Ana. “If we are a little later, we will be asked if there is another calendar this year.”
Not crazy, because the calendar makes the important planning of customers a lot easier. “They want to put their cargo on the right flights,” explains Ana. “With the three-month calendar they see the date at a glance and can schedule them for two months.” The calendar is placed in offices where often more employees must be in sight. The big numbers on the Quartas calendars therefore find Ana a requirement.

In addition, KLM Cargo uses the calendar to keep its own brand top of mind with customers. Was the calendar made in previous years with glossy backshield and a big visual at the top, this year the calendar receives no less than twelve visuals. ‘At every visual we promote our brand, product and services.’

The contact with VAN AS is very pleasant, says Ana. ‘VAN AS responds quickly if we have a question or adjustment. If we want some calendars with a different logo, then that’s not a problem. A month after the final design has been delivered, we already have the calendars delivered. “

In total, tens of thousands of calendars reach KLM Cargo customers at the end of 2016. Half of them deliver VAN AS in Paris. ‘VAN AS takes care of the Netherlands and France,’ says Ana. ‘From Paris and Amsterdam, the calendars will then go all over the world with our sales people. From Africa and Asia to South America. ‘