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VAN AS chooses Heidelberg’s latest technology Anicolor

Van As from Oud-Beijerland has recently introduced the latest Anicolor technology, used in a new Heidelberg Speedmaster five-color printing press with lac-unit. “We are pleased with the arrival of our new acquisition,” says CEO Wouter van As.

‘The XL-75 Anicolor offers us more possibilities and flexibility in the production of point of sale material in 50 x 70 cm. We can process a wider range of materials. Consider: self-adhesive materials, static-bonding materials, such as Static Paper, and various plastics. Due to shorter turnaround times, faster ink swaps and 90% less entry, we are able to offer our customers more value at a great price / performance ratio. Small and medium sized. This applies not only to our own relationships. Even fellow printers can benefit from our new opportunities and offer the products to their own customers at competitive prices. “

Colleague Leendert van As, Director of Production and Technology, adds: “On our new XL-75 Anicolor 5-color printing press, we print low energy UV inks. With this new generation of UV inks, no heat and ozone is released. That’s better for our environment. In addition, and of course, it’s a matter of course – the print is immediately dry when it comes out of the printing press. As a result, it can be finished and delivered immediately. That is definitely important today. Another advantage of the new generation of Anicolor printing presses is the improved productivity and color density. The ease of use and adjustment options have also improved compared to the first series of Anicolor presses. In short, all the improvement points that we can better serve and better offer our customers. ”

About VAN AS

Van As started in 1934 as a printing company in Oud-Beijerland. With the accumulated knowledge and the graphic craftsmanship from the early start and charm of the family business, Van As has developed into a specialist in printing, calendars, point of sale and sign. In addition to production, customer involvement, product knowledge, quality and service are important pillars, with which Van As distinguishes itself in the market. Van As works for a wide range of loyal customers from industry, wholesale, retail, business services and communications. This is done from two loactions, in Oud-Beijerland and in Amsterdam, Van As is Print & Sign.

Source: / Author: Peter van Zwetsloot / Photo: Guiseppe Toppers