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Wouter van As about Point of Sale trends in 2017: ‘Sustainable and transparent plastic.’

Who asks Wouter van As’s prediction for the 2017 point of sale market gets a clear answer. ‘Pvc-free and transparent products will play the leading role.’

The trend of plastic point of sale material continues, especially the transparent plastics take a flight in 2017.” Predicts Wouter. ‘Pvc-free is an increasingly important theme. More and more companies are consciously choosing the more expensive polypropylene option. A beautiful example of a durable player is Unilever: all their point of sale products are completely PVC-free. ‘

Therefore, in the warehouse of VAN AS there is always a supply of pvc-free base materials. “There is always a large stock of self-adhesive polypropylene. This enables us to quickly produce when more customers make the transition. Also the anti-slip layer for floor stickers – traditionally PVC – offers VAN AS pvc-free. ‘

Durable and transparent plastic. With the purchase of the latest Heidelberg Anicolor five-color printing press with separate lacquer and LE-UV drying, VAN AS can print full-color transparent transparencies, coated white and painted with a protective layer. “This means that we can introduce new products, for example, with a transparent gift box, where a snowflake print can come for Christmas.”

“Buyers and marketers want to be flexible and switch quickly. There are now more actions with shorter lead times and more on themes. In addition, records are also smaller. As always, VAN AS stays sharp at short turnaround times and thanks to the new press, it is possible to offer all sizes-medium, medium and small-scale. “